Monday, 3 September 2012

The end of Summer.....

I am not sure where the year has gone but it is vanishing before me and it won't be long before the buckets and crablines will be set to one side and Appledore will resume its leisurely pace once the hustle and bustle of the visitors is behind us.

I love the buzz of the summer and the studio has been busy to despite the horrendous summer that we have been having in the WestCountry and I would like to take a moment to thank  all those visitors for their custom.   The weather also meant that I increased the amount of 'taster' lampwork sessions that I was giving as the visitors tried to find new ways to beat the weather and keep entertained.   So I have set a few more out on their own glassy journeys and the suprise and smiles on faces when they come to pick their beads up never ceases to please me.

In terms of this years work I have been working on my large Mandala Wheel Beads

And so the challenge was to work bigger and thinner in diameter.  I have booked a course with Anita Schwegler Juen later in the year and I am in awe of her work, her work is just beautiful!
This is the thinnest so far and the widest!

I also have been experimenting with my Mini Marble Paperweights.  They have proved really popular in the studio and I hope to develop them more during the winter when the studio is quieter...

And looking at that swirl effect brings me onto the Swirl Design that I sell as a tutorial in my Etsy Shop  I have been doing some Swirl Beads

I have also at last mastered my 50mm lentil press and got some great swirls in there too!

There is also a Silver Glass Swirl tutorial in the pipeline.

So the year draws to a close and I have enjoyed my glassy adventures and am excited to be doing courses with Anita in October and this month with Bronwen Heilman who knows where these artists will direct my glassy adventures.

And so to close we are so sad in our house to have lost one of our morning dog walking pack, Harvey passed over Rainbow Bridge on Sunday aged 13 and leaves a huge whole in Milly's circle of doggy friends.  Run Free Harvey Bear x

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