Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lovely Rings and Give Aways!!


Hi Folks,  Firstly apologies for the delay in blogging, where does the time go?  As always life is so busy I hadn't realised it had been so long!  So what has been happening, well I have been on the torch and playing with colours and some silver foil this week, it has been an adventure and I couldn't possibly post piccys just yet as they are really not up to scratch.  It is always a weird time experimenting, as an artist one has to experiment and move forward and with each fuglie that appears from the kiln or the flame I have to remind myself that even if the bead doesn't make the grade I have taken something from the experience, even if it is 'Oh Bo***cks that didn't work then!'  I am sure every other glassy friend reading this will agree!

I get lots of customers in my shop asking for bead sets and I have put some time in this week producing some which are now on display at BAZAAR, 3 Gammon Walk, Barnstaple and also on my website  But here is a preview!

I am going to make a concerted effort to produce more as I have found I actually really enjoy the discipline of them.  For local customers I also now have a bowl of orphans on the counter which is lovely to really rummage in!!

Also this week I have been busy on my Facebook Page : Raspberry Rings, Lampwork Beads and Jewellery I promised that when I gained 200 Fans that I would do a giveaway and I was thrilled to find that I had 201 Fans as of today!!  Thank you to all of you that have fanned me.   I find Facebook the most immediate way of talking to my customers and finding out what they think, what they want and to sometimes take some constructive feedback!  For those who are local in Devon it means they get a 'heads up' on new beads that have arrived in store and of course for those of you who are not local a 'heads up' on what is available on my website shops.  I have also met alot of other glass artists on-line and I love seeing what they are up to and have fanned over 100 shops and pages!!  Excessive but truly great fun!  If you want to see the giveaway just click on the link above.  I had abit of a disaster with that to, somehow it ended up on the bead rack in the shop and sold almost immediately so I am creating one similar with permission of the person who bought it...yes thats you Alison!!  Do check it out, all you have to do is leave a comment and you could win a pretty silver riveted bead.

And finally I have gone back to my roots.....just cannot leave the wire alone it is so soothing to twist and bend random designs and come up with a ring like this!  I also wrote down how I achieved it so I am dead chuffed, no two will be identical and I can make them with a chosen bead which gives great flexibility for the customer all I need is your ring size.   If you are interested do get in touch and we can work something out they are retailing at £14.99.  The wire currently is non tarnish silver plated copper but it could be done in silver but that obviously would push the price up.  Hope you like!  The pendant is a regular feature for me and a great way to display big beads.  I am happy to make just the finding for anyone who has a big bead they want to wear as a pendant.

Well I have probably blogged on for long enough for now but as always the last pic is of the lovely Milly....this is after a very wet walk on the beach and a romp with a HUGE poodle and a very energetic terrier!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

So I am pleased to announce the winner of my bead is

is and you will see by the nature of her blog how right this win is for Diane.  CONGRATULATIONS!!    I once again thank you all for entering and I have so enjoyed checking out your blogs.  Diane it is a pleasure to pop this bead in the post for youxx

Will be posting again real soon xx

And the Winner is..................

Hi Everyone!!   Well I am absolutely overwhelmed by the response to the One World, One Heart event.   Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to visit my blog and enter for my prize.  I have now closed the event and will be announcing a winner tomorrow.  I am using a random number generator online as I guess this is the fairest way of doing things.  I was very touched by all your kind comments, I love it that you all love glass too x  

Will post first thing and email my winner watch this space LOL!!

and coz I can't do a post with out a bead and my lovely Milly here is what I have been working on.  It is a 'deconstructed' Union Jack.  First attempts below.  I have put it on nice thick leather, put in silver rivets and added a nice chunky clasp so it is suitable for boys and girls!!  Only available at Bazaar, our shop at the moment but as always if you would like something similar do get in touch.  I will be making more and they will go online in due course........................

And the lovely Photographers assistant exhausted from all her Valentine Proposals on the beach!!
Best wishes

Thursday, 11 February 2010

One for the Boys!

Hi Everyone!

Well who can ignore One World One Heart! What an incredible response 212 comments and prize entrys....I know what Ian and I will be doing on Valentines Day!! Good Luck and thank you to all my new visitors, I have really enjoyed visiting other blogs and am thrilled to have so many visits from around the world.

I have had a busy week on the torch and we have been really busy in the shop which is fantastic news, infact Raspberry Rings took a large percentage of the turnover in January..... Whoop Whoop! So a HUGE Thank you to everyone both online and in Devon you know who you are :0). As a result of all this lovely activity I have had a week of trying to catch up with myself and have torn myself away from the torch today to dedicate myself to cyberspace. LOL!

I have listed a whole lot of new 5mm beads on the website and there are also some new ones in the shop (Bazaar, 3 Gammon Walk, Barnstaple, North Devon). They are all one off so get them while they are hot!!

The piccy above is of a few of them! I have also been doing some BIG beads, below, due to a huge demand for them.....not keeping up on my website at the moment but I promise i will!

I have also been busy with the beads 'designing' some ready to wear pieces. I have had a few requests for more for the men so I have posted a few on my website : here is a taster inspired by the movie Avatar! All are on chunky leather with 'manly' clasps!!

And I have added some more for the girls too and with Valentines at the front of my mind.

So that is all the news from here. Oh I almost forgot and my posts would not be the same without her....Ta Da...... Here is the photographers assistant today, who is looking abit sleepy after a huge romp on the beach with an extremely fast Springer Spaniel called Ed earlier!! Puppy lovexxx

Thats all for now folks, I am out of cyberspace just updated everything & I have decided it is SO boring compared to the Flame!! Hey if you would like to read more check out my Facebook : Raspberry Rings, Lampwork Beads & Jewellery

See Ya!! Jenniexx

Friday, 5 February 2010

One World One Heart..........

Hi Guys!
Well an exciting week all in all with lots of sales in the shop........a huge thank you to everyone who has bought from me recently x

Now I don't usually blog twice a week but I had the offer of a carpet ride!! After reading the article on women of glass in Flow magazine I started to browse blogs and discovered Lisa Aitchison, her work is inspirational and that is were I found out about the Carpet Ride created by Artist Lisa Swifka. Some of you may have noticed the mysterious logo in the top right side of the page...... Well this is what it is all about : Lisa created this event in 2007 and it is about linking together like minded people. Each of the artists on the carpet is giving away a prize and to enter all you have to do is leave a comment on their blog. You will find a list of them if you click on the logo. You too can come and join us and help unite bloggers from around the world. This is an international event and a great way to meet new friends and connect with fellow artist. Oh and of course win lots of scrumptious prizes!!

Here's the guidelines.

1. You must preferably have an active blog, or be following me. If you are not you can leave your email if you wish but why not use this nudge to start blogging and follow me too!!!!!!

2. You must leave a comment to be eligible for the give away. Be sure to leave contact info, in case you are the winner!!

3. The winner will be drawn at random on Feb 15.

I thought long and hard about the prize and as I am only a year (just!) into my glass adventure I was conscious of the staggeringly awesome standard of most of the other glass artists on the carpet! So here we go.......................

The inspiration for this little baby was the sea, the sand and the wind. I and Milly, my Lakie terrier, spend a huge amount of time on the same beach, Westward Ho! It is a huge sand beach with huge tidal change and I am constantly amazed by how everything shifts with each tide and I had that in the forefront of my mind whilst creating this bead. It has been formed free hand as I wanted to keep that organic feeling to the shape as well as the content. I hope it reflects that movement and you like it!!

So there it is!! Since I am still awaiting the arrival of my 'Cricket' and am still with my trusty hothead and bulk fuel I am dead chuffed with the encasing but it does take hours..yawn.....xx

Well all that is left is to say good luck, enjoy the ride and will blog again on the weekend - Jennie xxx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Snow, Sun and of Course LOADS OF BEADS!!

Hi Everyone,

So Happy New Year!!!

Now that might seem a little belated as it is February but I have been lucky enough to have been back in Tobago for two weeks soaking up the sun and recovering from retail madness in December, a BIG thank you to all of you who bought from Raspberry Rings last year we had a great year and I enjoyed meeting some of you in the shop. It took us a while to actuaaly get away as we managed to time are departure when the big snow came, roads full of snow, airport full of snow in fact the only person who seemed to love it was MILLY!!

So after a 24 hour delay which tested everybodies patience to the limit (nothing like checking in, buying your duty frees then having to return duty free, collect your bags and go through passport control and customs without having left the country with every other plane that has been canceled and then pay a fortune for a hotel as we were miles from home grrrrr!).

The only up side of being at Gatwick was I managed to get in touch with an old friend who lives close by, and found out he (Charles Hooper) is to be appearing in a BBC programme in February, it is called Master Crafts and sounds fantastic he had to learn loads of new skills... here is a link to their Facebook Page if you would like to find out more, I understand one part of the series features a glass artist...will keep you posted

So after an adventurous start I and my friend Cath had a fantastic time, trekked the rain forest, did lots of snorkeling, went to watch the flying fish, in fact spend alot of time on and in the sea (even met a shark face to face for the first time!!) and yet again seem to have got that blue bug. Blue is not a colour I am normally drawn to but those seas in the Caribbean are just so blue it kind of infects you and those Parrot fish.... well they are inspirational in terms of their colours and markings, just unbelievable so still working on a bead using their influence. Watch this space!!

The sea is also an inspiration and I have continued with my Tobago beads mentioned in an earlier blog. This first one is a large 5mm silver riveted one perfect for a silver chain or leather pendant:

And then there are the little ones!! 5mm silver riveted, although the observant people out there will spot I haven't put the rivets in yet but they are on my list for tomorrow!! Then it will be added to the website. In the meantime here are a few that I listed yesterday at

I am a member of a forum called Frit Happens, for glass artists: and we have a blog We are spotlighting some of our members over the next few months and because I was away I missed some of the earlier artists but will list them later. So here is the latest one JeannieGems, I love the use of colours in Jeannies beads and her woven jewellery is so pretty too....check it out at

And lastly Valentines!! I have been listening to what customers are asking for in the shop and as well as the beads everyone is after pins so I am in the process of producing some one off beads and pins with Valentines in are a couple:

Well so much to catch up on I must run and besides look at this face........ I think she is telling me it is time for WALKIES..........................................................