Thursday, 27 May 2010

Octopus, Jellyfish and Wet Lakies!!

So yet again I am writing this and wondering were the time has gone!  The winter is trying to be over here in Devon and the sun is shining once again.  I still wonder at the capacity of us UK dewellers to suddenly become open and optimistic once the sun shows her face!!

I have been inspired by the longer days and the longer walks Milly and I are having on the beach and have been producing a few sea inspired beads.  I must also at this point credit a fellow bead maker Julie Fountain at Lush Beads for a certain amount of inspiration as she wrote a lovely tutorial in a Bead Magazine recently which hugely helped my barnicles!!  Coupled with her own beautiful seaside beads you can see her work at

So lets start at the beginning Jellyfish, having been completely wrapped with paperweights, marbles and beads with little worlds within I bought a tutorial on Jellyfish from Etsy and had a go……here are the results!

Then came the seaside beads and the Octopus.....

then the seascape beads.....

Then a little detour and a little the hell did he get in here?

And I just cannot get away from those big summer wheels.....

  Life goes on and I found some time to put together a necklace with my Clio Bumpy Beads......

In amongst all of this playing I manage to set up a shop on my facebook page which has proved very popular and have sold a few item through there....thank you!  I have added a few focal beads this one of them.....

So there we are May in a nutshell!  If you would like to see more please visit my facebook page at

As always all of my beads are available so if you see something you cannot live without do get in touch....and so the time has come for Milly who has spent most of this month in the sea!!


  1. Fab beads, Jennie, and gorgeous dog! Thanks for the credit, I'm so pleased to have inspired you - and the barnacle stringer idea was actually given to me by Jolene Wolfe!

  2. Thanks Julie I had such fun doing them I feel a little seaside theme progressing through the summer!! I will make sure I thank Jolene those stringers sure make good barnicles!!