Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New Toys to Play with.....No time to Blog!!

So yet again time has escaped me!  So much happening in the real world that the beads seem to have slipped behind.  My father got married again last week....age 71!!  My sister is moving to LA!!  We  are moving house!!  So these three events coupled with abit of ash in the sky which threatened to keep most of the family from the wedding has meant a really busy and stressful April with a greatly reduced torch time.  

April was also the month of Flame Off! one of the events for British Lampworkers hosted by Tuffnell Glass  This was a fantastic opportunity to get my hands on some lovely glass and alot of new toys!!  With demonstrations from Lavender Creek Teresa Laliberte, Diane East and Sharon Peters the whole event was really inspiring and with three very different demos and lots of glassy chat I came away full of ideas and tips for my own work.

I have still been playing with Clio, Glow in the Dark Dust and big bumpy beads.  I love bright colours  and the combination of transparent glass with Clio Double Helix glass creates some great effects.  The three beads above are a selection using those effects.  The big wheels continue to sell well and I am experimenting with putting some flowers into them instead of bumps.  This is very much work in progress as so far I am having a frustrating time trying to make them perfectly round.......
My flowers have improved so much since I discovered a Japanese tool, the 3D Flower Rod this really simple tool creates real depth too flowers...here are a few beads using the same tool.....

Talking of making things perfectly round I purchased a Marble Marver at Flame Off!  No one warned me how addictive they can be so I have spent the last week or so chasing hot balls around my bench and floor and burning little tread marks in my carpet..

These are all made with soft glass but my plan is to buy some Boro and start experimenting with hard glass once we have moved house.........Now because I can't wait I thought I would try some off mandrel pendants anyway (in soft glass) and actually I was quite pleased with the results, like the marbles they have become a hugely addictive way of playing with glass LOL!   Here are a couple of experiments.  I am loving this off mandrel work and the freedom it  brings, I would just love to have a go at paperweights I am in awe of the work of Chris Buzzini
I would just love to have a class with him.......A girl can dream can't she!!

So there we are, a short overview of April!

Milly also had her first ever haircut in April, here are the before and after shots.....seeing them together makes me realise just how much she needed that!


  1. I always love looking at your creations and the marbles are absolutely breathtaking. Your after dog is just as cute as can be. What a sweet looking dog!

  2. Aw thank you so much, I started posting a piccy of Milly at the end of each post and now it has become abit of a habit!!