Thursday, 21 October 2010

So here I am in Appledore, a beautiful village in North Devon.  We are in are rented house and apart from the fact I have no torch it is perfect!  We are right on the rivers mouth and the inspiration provided by the views and the sunsets and sunrise make me long to be back on the torch.
We are hoping to be in our new house by the end of November, fingers crossed and I am planning to give a little celebratory bead party once the torch is lit!
I was however lucky enough to attend a course at my friend Manda's studio : Mango Beads in Barnstaple with Astreid Reidel.  I have admired Astrid's beads for a while and it was awesome to be able to meet her and she was very generous with her knowledge.  Here are my class beads, the shapes leave a little to be desired but I really enjoyed learning new techniques.

I am doing a sale locally at The Beaver Inn on 3rd November, It is a Wine and Shop evening Ladies only!  Should be fun and lot of different stalls to buy from.

So that is the news bead wise..........and it wouldn't be the same without showing you how Milly is enjoying her new 'rented' place!

Keeping an eye on what is happening on the beach!

Bye bye for now


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