Saturday, 29 January 2011

 So here we go we have moved back to Appledore, it has been seven years but we are so happy to be back in the village and I am so pleased to have my studio here.  Appledore has always been an inspiration, beautiful light and beautiful views.  After 5 months at last we are here to stay and we have found a house we want to live in for the long term.

So let me show you some of those fabulous views......we could be in Florida?   Well maybe not if you feel that East Wind but still beautiful!

So this is the Studio, small but compact and hopefully room to have a small showroon but lots of work to be done!

 So full of stuff but we are feeling ambitious!  and I am getting the hang of the saw!!

 This is as it looked before I had the saw out!!  We needed to put a full roof insulation in!
 And now it is in!
But of course all the stuff is in the yard!!
 and I get the feeling we are being spied on from the yard!!

 now we are getting the benchs in place...
So a little taster of how things are coming, will keep you guys posted tomorrow!!

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  1. Hope it all went well Jennie.Looks like you are well on the way to being fired up!
    Look forward to what comes off the torch!