Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Facebook Police!!

Well having been away from things for a little while it would seem things are changing at a furious pace on Facebook....what is new I hear you cry!!  Well it would seem I can no longer do a Bead Draw on Facebook. So I have moved the Giveaway Bead from there to here so it falls in with there rules and regulations.

So if you would like this bead just leave a comment in the comment boxes below xxx  I will do the draw on Wednesday so you have a few days to sign up xx

Good luck everyone and thank you for coming over here to do the draw xx

Milly and her friends are also under attack and some of her friends accounts, one lovely Wire Fox Terrier had 5,000 friends, have already been deleted from Facebook without any warning there is a Causes Page which is asking Facebook to review this decision.  The sad thing about this is there is alot of action on these pages to promote Dogs that need fostering or adopting and helping them to find a forever home.  It also has raised the awareness of a number of issues surrounding Dogs like the murder of 100 Sled dogs in Canada recently.  These pages are important and on a lighter note they make me smile and sometimes laugh outloud with their content even on the darkest day.  If you get a second it would be great if you could take the time to follow the link, sign up and invite people to join the cause.  Thank you!


  1. Gorgeous, love the colours, thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Has Milly had her facebook account deleted? I was thinking of getting Fred his own one, he could then 'talk' to the other canines in the family. Beautiful photo of Milly and beautiful bead.

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