Sunday, 27 February 2011

Glass Wheels with Windows!


So a week of experimenting........  I have been practising some dragging techniques to create different patterns on beads and experimenting with a fairly new glass from Double Helix, Helios which when worked produces metalic sheens of pink, gold and purple but difficult to photograph to its full glory.

Having spent a day layering colour and dragging away I had a handful of beads that I was pleased with  and had experimented with layers of different colours and thought I would do the same the next day, after all colour combinations are pretty endless.  

This plan lasted until I woke up at 3am  the following morning, does anyone else do this?  I am fast asleep then wake up dreaming and thinking about glass and beads!!  I  found myself wondering what it would be like to put some clear glass into the mix to create windows in the bead so when worn sideaways it would have extra interest.   Then I had to curb the urge to pull on clothes and rush to the torch and cannot sleep for the excitement of wanting to experiment!!!

So here are a selection of that inspiration....very much work in progress at the moment.

  I love the size of these wheels,  you can see by the size of my fingers how big the bead is!  Sorry about the quality of the photos I took these shots quickly in daylight so I could write my blog tonight.  

The large bumps around the outside of the bead above look clear but it has a thin layer of double helix Clio in there which gives them an opal effect if viewed from on top.   The bead has a base of clear glass but whilst working it fumed in the flame and created this rather lovely seaglass effect.

 This bead I did not 'fume' so the clear remains clear giving an interesting pattern from the side.......

 And I just had time to experiment with some clear coloured glass too......

I love this effect but I am away from the torch for the next couple of days so I guess I will have a disturbed sleep with all the ideas that will bubble away during that time!!  I am going to experiment at creating more patterns with the clear so the bead has a two dimensional feel depending on when and where it is viewed.  Will keep you posted.

Thank you for reading my blog


Oh yes and lest I forget  Milly I think has plans in paw that she is not sharing with us.................

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