Monday, 14 December 2009

Santa's Little Helper!!

So here she is, Santa's little helper or actually photographers assistant...MILLY! She spent the whole time I was photographing the latest batch of beads in the conservatory running up the back of the sofa and bashing me on the head with the horrible looking dog toy of hers. And yes Sophie if you happen to be reading this, that yellow thing under her feet is the partially destroyed Hot Dog you gave her!!

Anyway I digress we have had a really good week both on the website and in the shop and the beads are selling as fast as I can fire them....thank you to all my customers and to all of you who have been spreading the word, I have had alot of people in this week who have been told by friends to come in and have a look. The only downside to all the retail action is that it meant I couldn't get to Manda Muddimers Open Studio ( I also missed a visit from Julie Haveland Beer ( another talented local glass artist who popped into the shop to say hello. Hopefully we will catch up soon x

So not much news this week seem to be attached to the till, the torch or asleep!! The only drama is my ongoing battle to recieve an order from California for some 'glow in the dark' dust to go in my beads. The company are saying it has been posted and after a few emails has put some more in the post but still not a sign of either packages and I'm out of pocket....grrrrrrrrrr

But I have since found a company in the UK who do some and excitedly ordered some Aqua glow dust and of course had to order a few more glass rods whilst I was on there LOL! Got it home and put the bubble wrapped glass with the small packet of dust attached to it on the kitchen table and turned my back for a second, when I turned around Milly had managed to get the whole parcel of the table and was happily gnawing on the end of the packet........I will not repeat here what emitted from my mouth but luckily she did not get the dust. Can you imagine? Ian my husband thought the whole episode was hysterical and was sad he couldn't get the camera out and photograph the results of her eating it........

I have been experimenting today and am waiting for the results with baited breath. It is amazing to work with if it goes near the torch or hot glass it fizzes and glows like fireworks. I plan to giveaway a glow bead as a Christmas Freebie here if I can get it too work.

So that is the news from here, more 5mm beads in the Kiln so they will be availabe at the end of the week in the shop and I will try to put some on the website on Thursday morning but will keep those of you following Twitter or Facebook updated.

Bye for now........


  1. Hullo - just wanted to give you a blog award :D Details if you're curious are at my blog.

    I adore Milly's picture - a lot of the dogs I know also seem to think that people are incredibly interested in drool-covered, ratty toys *G*

  2. Gosh how rude just realised I haven't replied to this so sorry....I guess I have missed the award!!