Thursday, 17 December 2009

'Glow in The Dark' 5mm Bead Giveaway!!

So complete and utter Christmas Madness with us LOL! I feel like I am in some crazy quiz show on telly where the clock is constantly ticking the time away till Christmas!! I am beginning to mimic BEEP BEEP the roadrunner!!

Anyway this is a quickie....firstly to apologise to those of you who may be waiting for new 5mm beads on the website, sadly although I do have a selection of new beads they are only available via the shop as I will now not be able to guarantee Christmas delivery. The good news is I have managed to experiment with my new glow in the dark beads and they ))))GLOW(((( and are available via the shop as from today Thursday afternoon. Late night shopping in Barnstaple tonight, we are open till 9pm, BAZAAR, 3 Gammon Walk, Barnstaple, North Devon. 01271 323 218

To thank you all for your support and custom this year, I am doing a Christmas Draw for one of my new Glow Beads. If you would like to enter make a 'comment' below I will be doing the draw on Sunday and will contact the winner then and organise posting it, If you are not a blogger or a follower of mine you can also send me your details to Sadly it will probably not be there in time for Christmas but it will Light up your New Year! The bead has a 5mm core and has Sterling Silver Rivets, it is a lovely aquamarine during the day and glows at night. We did a test last night and with only a few hours under a lamp they glowed all night!!

I will post again on Sunday with results, and FHF members please add a tag to your comment so I can PM you on the forum!! It is probably quicker that way.

Good luck and a HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all



  1. Merry Christmas Jennie,

    Fab bead, Can't wait to see it glowing! Leave some in the shop window!

    Take caer
    kerensa (glassocean)

  2. gorgeous bead! absolutely lovely, just followed your blog :)

  3. Happy Christmas Jennie :) I love the colour of your bead!

    Sal (sal on FHF!)

  4. Hey thanks guys Happy Christmas to you too ;D

  5. Beautiful bead, I'm sure they will be popular.
    Happy Christmas,
    Jill (cbeadies)

  6. Hey just put the names here and on my email in the hat and pulled out.........Kerensa! Ta DA! One glow in the dark bead on its way to you x Happy Christmas x Thank you to everyone else who entered x

  7. Jennie, I've just nominated you for a Sunshine Award and would be pleased if you could pop along to my blog at to receive it! Many thanks, June XX

  8. Hey thank you June, only just got your message will pop it into my next blog page xx