Sunday, 6 December 2009

Pendants, Pendants and more Pendants!

Christmas has arrived and the shop has been bonkers this week. It is a relief to be honest we just didn't know how the 'credit crunch' would affect the way people shop this year but so far it doesn't seem to have made a huge impact on how the spending is going...big sigh of relief!

Once again the website and the shop have been busy for Raspberry Rings, thank you to all my lovely customers! As a result stock has been running low so I have spent some time putting some pendants together as you can see. The one on the top left is a particular favourite, I love that shimmery effect of the double helix glass used that gives it a real Christmas feel! I have currently hung the pendant on a sterling silver chain and added three 5mm Pandora style beads threaded on to give it that extra pazaaz! The nice thing about this design is that you can add your own beads and mix and match if you like.

My Christmas Balls from earlier in the week became all sorts of things from pendants to bookmarks. The beautiful huge blue one sadly was cracked so I decided to wear it in the shop on Saturday on a long silver chain, a customer came in and was obsessed with it!! In the end after explaining that it may only last for five minutes and I was unhappy about selling it for that reason, but eventually and even with a slight crack she pursuaded me to part with it for a tenner!!

I did manage to get some 5mm done and in the kiln earlier in the week and they are in the shop now and on the website

and last but not least this 5mm that kinda expanded into a huge bead which I love which is available in the shop, I have popped in some sterling silver rivets since this photo was taken and it looks great just on a simple black leather thong!

Thats it for this week, Happy shopping to you all! Will blog again mid week....Bye for now!!

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