Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Flower Wheels and Pirates!

So another couple of weeks pass, and for the first time since plunging into lampworking head first I had a couple of days of complete disasters, no inspiration, bead release busting at the crucial moment and generally got very depressed and was doubting that any creativity would return.  I then decided to go back to basics and in doing so discovered flowers!!  Not encased flowers, far to stressful on my dear old hothead but raised flowers.  I love doing raised bumps and these are a variation on a theme.  I have produced a crop of them some huge flower wheels which look lovely on a silver chain or just on a leather thong.  Then some 5mm beads, larger than the traditional Pandora style bead and some 3mm.  I am planning to sit down and make some jewellery with them which I will post in due course.  I will also be posting them on my website but for the moment they all available in my shop, Bazaar, Barnstaple, North Devon.

Here is a selection for you to see:

So there we are......I am really pleased with them and they are improving in style with practice.

On a completely different note I took a day out to go to Crufts Dog Show last week and saw literally hundreds of Lakeland Terriers!!  Couldn't resist buying Milly a few bandanas and her she is in her brand new Pirate one.....posing as usual
So that is it for this week will post again once I have made up the beads into some jewellery.  Have a good week everyone xxx

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  1. Gorgeous beads! Look forward to seeing what you mamke with them.