Monday, 1 March 2010


So what an exiting week.......Playing with the new glass from Double Helix, Clio.  I started using CIM Grumpy Bear and swirling some Clio over it and came up with this.....
I love the pastel shades in this and the pink that is appearing, I think more work at the torch to really bring that pink out.   Then I decided to try incasing and came up with these babies.  I used lots of different clear colour bases and topped it with Clio encased in clear.  I literally gasped when I saw them!!!!   Each spot is like it has a little mirror behind it and they really have to be seen in the flesh to get the true beauty.

And of course the selection at the head of the page.
Then being me I had to take it a step further...I had some ring mandrels made for me last year and I thought I fancied a big Clio Wheel and this is what it looked like....


So what on earth do I do with these?  The centres are approximately an inch, maybe a scarf ring?  Any Jewellery makers out there?  Any suggestions?
Well had to post these as so excited with them but that is it for now!  But before I go wouldn't be a blog without the photographers assistant would it?

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  1. The Big Wheels are now available in my Etsy Shop and in my shop in North Devon : Bazaar, Barnstaple.