Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lovely Rings and Give Aways!!


Hi Folks,  Firstly apologies for the delay in blogging, where does the time go?  As always life is so busy I hadn't realised it had been so long!  So what has been happening, well I have been on the torch and playing with colours and some silver foil this week, it has been an adventure and I couldn't possibly post piccys just yet as they are really not up to scratch.  It is always a weird time experimenting, as an artist one has to experiment and move forward and with each fuglie that appears from the kiln or the flame I have to remind myself that even if the bead doesn't make the grade I have taken something from the experience, even if it is 'Oh Bo***cks that didn't work then!'  I am sure every other glassy friend reading this will agree!

I get lots of customers in my shop asking for bead sets and I have put some time in this week producing some which are now on display at BAZAAR, 3 Gammon Walk, Barnstaple and also on my website  But here is a preview!

I am going to make a concerted effort to produce more as I have found I actually really enjoy the discipline of them.  For local customers I also now have a bowl of orphans on the counter which is lovely to really rummage in!!

Also this week I have been busy on my Facebook Page : Raspberry Rings, Lampwork Beads and Jewellery I promised that when I gained 200 Fans that I would do a giveaway and I was thrilled to find that I had 201 Fans as of today!!  Thank you to all of you that have fanned me.   I find Facebook the most immediate way of talking to my customers and finding out what they think, what they want and to sometimes take some constructive feedback!  For those who are local in Devon it means they get a 'heads up' on new beads that have arrived in store and of course for those of you who are not local a 'heads up' on what is available on my website shops.  I have also met alot of other glass artists on-line and I love seeing what they are up to and have fanned over 100 shops and pages!!  Excessive but truly great fun!  If you want to see the giveaway just click on the link above.  I had abit of a disaster with that to, somehow it ended up on the bead rack in the shop and sold almost immediately so I am creating one similar with permission of the person who bought it...yes thats you Alison!!  Do check it out, all you have to do is leave a comment and you could win a pretty silver riveted bead.

And finally I have gone back to my roots.....just cannot leave the wire alone it is so soothing to twist and bend random designs and come up with a ring like this!  I also wrote down how I achieved it so I am dead chuffed, no two will be identical and I can make them with a chosen bead which gives great flexibility for the customer all I need is your ring size.   If you are interested do get in touch and we can work something out they are retailing at £14.99.  The wire currently is non tarnish silver plated copper but it could be done in silver but that obviously would push the price up.  Hope you like!  The pendant is a regular feature for me and a great way to display big beads.  I am happy to make just the finding for anyone who has a big bead they want to wear as a pendant.

Well I have probably blogged on for long enough for now but as always the last pic is of the lovely Milly....this is after a very wet walk on the beach and a romp with a HUGE poodle and a very energetic terrier!!


  1. Your beads are just so beautiful! Please enter me in your giveaway.

  2. Love the work you do, its always so colourful! Id love to be entered in to your draw.

    thanks Louise x

  3. I will pop you girls into my Facebook draw on Sunday!