Monday, 9 May 2011

Counting down to my Open Day!

So time is marching on and my open day this Saturday 14th May is nearly upon me and I have been making beads like mad over the last few days and really enjoying myself!   Which is good because home life is abit fraught with the potential of a massive leak in our house under the ground floor which may require major building work.   So when the going gets tough the tough run to their torches!!

I have been working on alot of large beads, these babies measure up to 4.5cm in diameter!

I love these bright colours and am really pleased with the results and they look fab just hanging on a leather or cord thong. 

I have always been lucky enough to sell alot of the 'pandora' style 5mm beads and was trying to find a twist on the origninal idea when I started expermenting with a raised bubble to create something different.

Some of them are created with Double Helix silver glass to create the patterns......

Others I have used my handmade Murrine in......

So how do they look on a bracelet?  Well it would be a lie to say they stand upright like this on a bracelet that is not full but if your bracelet is snug with beads these bubble beads will stand proud like the one in this shot.  I personally quite like the idea that they also hang and the suprise is there when you look closely at them.

And finally a little novelty!  I have updated the design for my hollow beach beads and added some 'sea' and a little jellyfish within the bottom of the bead and leaving the top hollow with a couple of barnacles and then filling it with sand from our local beach.  I could however fill it with sand from anywhere in the world I would just have to fly there first!!

So here is the Beach!  And a picture of Milly and her Friend Paddy have a romp on the sand!!

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  1. It just gets better and better...and dogs TOO...what more could we want?
    Suex and DelphiX