Sunday, 29 May 2011

So I have spent the last few weeks experimenting with big beads on varying mandrel sizes.  I have become abit obsessed with this style of putting one design inside another.  This seems to work better with the smaller mandrel size, this pink bead has a 5mm Core.

Whereas this one has a much larger core and you can see that the flowers are less effective although that is only my opinion as I have had some lovely comments about it.

So next up I made some murrine flowers and anenomes and made up a couple of more beads with small they are.
Those anenome murrine made me think of seascapes so next up

So what next?  I started to build a bead of petals and then added a line of colour which I cut into and realised that it made a flower shape to

So I made a bead using this band of colour rather than petals....

Then it made sense to just do a flower since they looked lovely just by themselves....

so the journey continues........................

1 comment:

  1. Very cute little rings,they in fact look like beautiful flowers...I love the look and the idea that it is going to fill my fingers so beautifully. Silver Charm Bracelet