Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Snow, Sun and of Course LOADS OF BEADS!!

Hi Everyone,

So Happy New Year!!!

Now that might seem a little belated as it is February but I have been lucky enough to have been back in Tobago for two weeks soaking up the sun and recovering from retail madness in December, a BIG thank you to all of you who bought from Raspberry Rings last year we had a great year and I enjoyed meeting some of you in the shop. It took us a while to actuaaly get away as we managed to time are departure when the big snow came, roads full of snow, airport full of snow in fact the only person who seemed to love it was MILLY!!

So after a 24 hour delay which tested everybodies patience to the limit (nothing like checking in, buying your duty frees then having to return duty free, collect your bags and go through passport control and customs without having left the country with every other plane that has been canceled and then pay a fortune for a hotel as we were miles from home grrrrr!).

The only up side of being at Gatwick was I managed to get in touch with an old friend who lives close by, and found out he (Charles Hooper) is to be appearing in a BBC programme in February, it is called Master Crafts and sounds fantastic he had to learn loads of new skills... here is a link to their Facebook Page if you would like to find out more, I understand one part of the series features a glass artist...will keep you posted www.facebook.com/home.php?#/Mastercrafts?ref=mf

So after an adventurous start I and my friend Cath had a fantastic time, trekked the rain forest, did lots of snorkeling, went to watch the flying fish, in fact spend alot of time on and in the sea (even met a shark face to face for the first time!!) and yet again seem to have got that blue bug. Blue is not a colour I am normally drawn to but those seas in the Caribbean are just so blue it kind of infects you and those Parrot fish.... well they are inspirational in terms of their colours and markings, just unbelievable so still working on a bead using their influence. Watch this space!!

The sea is also an inspiration and I have continued with my Tobago beads mentioned in an earlier blog. This first one is a large 5mm silver riveted one perfect for a silver chain or leather pendant:

And then there are the little ones!! 5mm silver riveted, although the observant people out there will spot I haven't put the rivets in yet but they are on my list for tomorrow!! Then it will be added to the website. In the meantime here are a few that I listed yesterday at www.raspberryrings.co.uk

I am a member of a forum called Frit Happens, for glass artists: www.frithappens.co.uk and we have a blog www.FHFteam.blogpot.com We are spotlighting some of our members over the next few months and because I was away I missed some of the earlier artists but will list them later. So here is the latest one JeannieGems, I love the use of colours in Jeannies beads and her woven jewellery is so pretty too....check it out at www.jeanniegems.etsy.com

And lastly Valentines!! I have been listening to what customers are asking for in the shop and as well as the beads everyone is after pins so I am in the process of producing some one off beads and pins with Valentines in mind.....here are a couple:

Well so much to catch up on I must run and besides look at this face........ I think she is telling me it is time for WALKIES..........................................................


  1. Hi Jennie, it is nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my blog, and the nice comment. You make beautiful beads!!....and, Milly... well, she is completely adorable! Lisa

  2. Your beads so wonderful! Milly is so stinkin' cute!