Monday, 30 November 2009

Hi all!
So Monday and a day for playing at the torch, I have been thinking about christmas baubles for my christmas tree or HUGE pendants can't decide which. They are hollow beads measuring 30mm approximately and are lovely to nicely in the palm of your hand!! The dots leave abit to be desired so some practice is needed before I am happy but they have been a huge amount of fun to make and I thought I would share them with you all. These I think will adorn our tree unless someone makes me an offer!! LOLx

Busy week this week, Ian is away on a stage management job so I am (with the help of the lovely Chloe and co) on my own in the shop this week so not much time for torching. Thought I had tomorrow but due to a rota c**k up I am in the shop for the middle part of the day.....may be able to fit something in tomorrow night. Hope so was doing some experimenting with Terranova which was looking this space!!

Have a good week all, will post when I get time.........

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