Thursday, 11 February 2010

One for the Boys!

Hi Everyone!

Well who can ignore One World One Heart! What an incredible response 212 comments and prize entrys....I know what Ian and I will be doing on Valentines Day!! Good Luck and thank you to all my new visitors, I have really enjoyed visiting other blogs and am thrilled to have so many visits from around the world.

I have had a busy week on the torch and we have been really busy in the shop which is fantastic news, infact Raspberry Rings took a large percentage of the turnover in January..... Whoop Whoop! So a HUGE Thank you to everyone both online and in Devon you know who you are :0). As a result of all this lovely activity I have had a week of trying to catch up with myself and have torn myself away from the torch today to dedicate myself to cyberspace. LOL!

I have listed a whole lot of new 5mm beads on the website and there are also some new ones in the shop (Bazaar, 3 Gammon Walk, Barnstaple, North Devon). They are all one off so get them while they are hot!!

The piccy above is of a few of them! I have also been doing some BIG beads, below, due to a huge demand for them.....not keeping up on my website at the moment but I promise i will!

I have also been busy with the beads 'designing' some ready to wear pieces. I have had a few requests for more for the men so I have posted a few on my website : here is a taster inspired by the movie Avatar! All are on chunky leather with 'manly' clasps!!

And I have added some more for the girls too and with Valentines at the front of my mind.

So that is all the news from here. Oh I almost forgot and my posts would not be the same without her....Ta Da...... Here is the photographers assistant today, who is looking abit sleepy after a huge romp on the beach with an extremely fast Springer Spaniel called Ed earlier!! Puppy lovexxx

Thats all for now folks, I am out of cyberspace just updated everything & I have decided it is SO boring compared to the Flame!! Hey if you would like to read more check out my Facebook : Raspberry Rings, Lampwork Beads & Jewellery

See Ya!! Jenniexx

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  1. These are spectacular. I am completely jealous of your skill! I'd love to try it, but me and torches are sworn enemies, haha.