Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Good evening all! I don't know what it has been like in the rest of the world but it has been FOUL in North Devon, blowing a hurricane and pouring with rain for days, I have been listening to Radio 4 and the rain gushing of the roof of my Shed as I work at replacing the 5mm beads that are flying out of the shop..... As usual I got distracted and this time I started daydreaming about my holiday.

My friend Cath who took me to Tobago to stay at her friends house last year has asked me again in January, so exciting it is such a beautiful island, sea, sunshine and flowers! The house is in a truly beautiful spot set in virgin rain forest. The whole thought of Tobago made me think of the seas and the beautiful infinity pool at the house (piccy above) and I found myself leaving the small beads and grabbing the blues to produce the beads below influenced by the Carribbean Islands, the spear shaped pendant from the infinity pool and that flowing water. (Double click on images to get the full glory!)

and so I have lots of new designs in my head now and dreaming of Nylon Pool, Tobago...............Slightly more inviting than rainy North Devon............................

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