Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Revving up for the Christmas Sales!

Wow knackered tonight, really busy day at the shop deliveries left right and centre and we seem to have our teenage doggie back now the bangs have stopped. She is bossing us around and generally telling us what to do and when, we are going back to our Cesar Milan rule of Exercise, Discipline, Affection in that order. Poor old Dudley is being bullied 24/7 that is him the background looking angelic but don't believe it he managed to wake us up with a sweet little fat mouse at 2am for the second night running.......little cherubs aren't they!

Another good day today 25% of the takings on Raspberry Rings, a couple of bracelets and beads and a couple of focal beads....I am liking christmas! ;0) Did a couple of pendants with customers today, they chose charms and beads but did not want to spend the money on silver chains so I offered up some leather and they chose their colour and I have spent this evening putting clasps on both as well as riveting loads of 5mm beads. Not a very good piccy but here is one, that fairy is a great charm she looks as if she is holding the beads up.

I did some copies of my christmas sparklies in smaller beads and they look lovely now they have their little silver tummies in place! So we are all ready for a couple of Christmas Sales, one tomorrow and a private Bead Party on Friday, I always really enjoy those, meet loads of new people and get to have a glass of wine whilst I sell!! So I will let you know how those go over the weekend when my feet touch the ground again!!

Bye for now..................

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