Monday, 23 November 2009

Where do all the Days go?

I can't believe last week has gone so quick.....The engagement ring that gave me sleepless nights was picked up on friday and they LOVED it, in all the excitement I forgot to photograph it but Ian took a shot on his mobile of it actually on her finger so all I have to do now is work out how to download that onto my laptop!! We had a great bead party on Thursday night with Alison...Thank you Alison!....Milly came too as she has two dogs herself and Milly was given a lovely red bandana by Molly and Mabel which makes her look everso sweet.....must post photos!! Lots of sales, lots of lovely glassy chat really enjoyed it.

The shop is busy with customers as well and the large size beads on silver chains are popping out! I have a pile of commissions and I am out to lunch so note toself NO WINE AT LUNCHTIME! It was my birthday on Friday, 46 were does the time go, I still feel 26 apart from a dodgy hip which is playing up badly at the moment......there it is old age!!??? I am talking and sharing my health issues, will stop that immediately! Got a new Blackberry phone so look out I will soon have absolute access to the internet at all times!! Ian gave me a few tools I had requested and all in all I was really spoilt, sister and family came for weekend, lovely time but no time for the torch except in my dreams.

Well I am sure noone is that interested in my social diary so I will stop here and will post with piccys once I have mastered getting photos of Ian's phone.

Best wishes Jenniex

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