Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Fireworks have started already.....

Well I am sitting here typing this and thinking about popping into the FHF Etsy Team chat room, drinking hot chocolate and trying to ignore Milly who is quivering under my chair at all the pops and bangs that are going off around us in Bideford. To distract ourselves from the fireworks we are listening to a debate on radio 4 about Twitter. The result: that Twitter can create a 'Twitch Hunt' which in the opinion of the current speaker creates Mob rule. Mob rule hhhhmmm! I guess that is what the FHF team are trying to achieve with their treasury 'hits' lol.

Now what I should be doing is sitting down and starting the Wedding Crown I was commissioned & paid for to do for this Saturday,, yes that is this Saturday (the bride had an accident with her original one and needs a quick replacement that looks as she wants it LOL !! and she is asking me?) So here I am asking myself why am I twittering, blogging and generally floating around the internet rather than getting out my tools and wire and getting on with it? Probably because the wire doesn't hold as much of an attraction now I have FIRE! And talking off that I also have one eye on the clock as the kiln has a little stash cooking away.

Felt so tired today, didn't get enough sleep last night, was it just me or was that wind freaky? It felt like the house was going up Wizard of Oz styley, ended up reading from about 2am to 3.30am tried to sleep and finally dropped off at alarm goes off at 6.30 GREAT.

Full day at shop, Christmas shoppers out already and really busy with lots of goodies arriving for christmas. I must get some piccys of the Christmas window its a goody stuffed half the shop in there!! I must also post piccys of my awesome new jewellery counter. Milly has caused stress today she is really restless and bossy, she was spayed last week and is not able to exercise too much yet which means I have a Lakeland Teenager on my hands she even barked at me when I left the van this morning to fill up with diesal I ask you, she has also taken to pushing her cushion all round the office if I am on the computer and ignoring her.

So that is my excuse for no wire wrapping tonight. I am knackered and I am promising myself I will take my tool bag to the shop tomorrow and get on with it....well I have too as they are picking it up lunchtime Friday....aaaagghhhhh!

Sold the two babies you see above yesterday, a 26" silver chain and silver Bali Ball Charm to keep them company and a whole heap of 5mm beads, then a bracelet and more beads today, oh and some charms so was really chuffed with the beady side of things! Should get an exciting package tomorrow from my silver supplier with new charms and some great leather bracelets with silver clasps for 5mm beads.

Well that is it for now..maybe I will go and pack my toolbag ready to go, but first I might pop into the chatroom and see who is about.........

Night Night...............................

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