Friday, 6 November 2009

New Silver Has Arrived!

Hello Folks, A strange day today, infact a strange week but that is too long a story to share.

The good news is that bead wise this has been a fabulous week lots of my sparkle beads are nestling in new homes and I have received my latest orders of silver charms for the silver necklaces that you can add my 5mm troll style beads too. Currently these are only available in the shop but if anyone is interested do get in touch! Here are a few they are awesome and look fabulous with my new sparkly I allowed to say that myself!! I think I might have to keep a pirate one myself...Jack Sparrow eat ur heart out!

Fireworks still banging around outside mean that my time on the torch was limited today as Milly was cowering around my ankles so we had to abandon creation and come inside to safety!!

Off to Plymouth this weekend to see old friends so torching will now have to wait till Monday, got a couple of sparklers in the kiln to replace the ones we have sold this week. I am smiling all the way with the response from my customers. Thank you everyone xxx

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