Sunday, 15 November 2009

Wedding Bells!!

Well what a week that was! Loads of exciting glassy things happening but the biggest suprise of the week was when a young couple came into the shop and started looking at my glass rings. I love making them but they don't sell as well as the beads so I don't make so many now. I probably jinxed them by getting 20 larger mandrels made and as soon as I had them done the sales seem to drop right off. Ho Hum the twists and turns of retail! Anyway I digress, it turns out this couple are getting married and want something different for the engagement ring. Ha ha! you know what is coming, well I was gobsmacked, I mean I like my rings but I would never have put them in that bracket but they obvioulsy loved them and who am I to argue? It left me with a glow and a smile on my face all day untill I realised I actually had to produce something special and that glow turned to fear and apprehension and a couple of nights of glassy dreams, what a responsibility, I am so honoured! They have decided on colours and I have been getting some practice in on the torch today as I haven't made a ring for a few weeks. Tomorrow will be 'ring' day. Once it is done and they have picked it up and like it I will post piccys but here are a few of my earlier ones, sorry about quality of pics, don't seem to have photographed any of the more recent ones so they have improved since then!!

We had a couple of Christmas Sales this week, one was in aid of a childrens charity in a local community hall, it was not just beads and jewellery but a range of stock from our shop Bazaar in Barnstaple. It was hard work, we had a busy day in the shop and then packed the van headed off had half an hour to set up, then 3 hours of watching paint dry! No to be fair there were shoppers there but most were browsing and we took a total of £80.00 and made the decision that we would not be doing that style of sale again, every year we give it a go and every year it is a disaster!

Friday night was a different matter, a regular customer, Sue threw a bead party and we had a fantastic night. It is always a buzz to be amongst people who love beads and Sue's friends certainly did! There is nothing like hearing feedback firsthand and I still find it amazing how we all see colour and combination so differently. I just love looking at other peoples bracelets and necklaces. We were due to be there from 7 till 9 but we were still going at 11pm, one girls mum even phoned in an order having checked out the website.....what can I say but a huge THANK YOU SUE!

For anyone in the Barnstaple/Bideford area of North Devon who would like to hold a bead party do get in touch, we bring a few bottles of vino with the beads and 10% of what we take you get in beads!

Most of the sales were 5mm beads but I have also started taking a dish of 3mm beads and am offering a pendant making service if customers want it or they can just buy them and string them themselves which is proving really popular at the partys but particularly in the shop I had six to do this week.

I have divided the beads up so that they are different prices according to how complicated and time consuming they are to produce but the basic ones at £2.50 each fly out! So the result of this and a really good week in the shop means the bead racks are looking bare so after a romp on the beach with Milly, (at last a drop of sunshine after all the rain) I cleaned the shedio and glass and settled down to a 5mm beading session on the torch. Wasn't long before I was distracted and one huge bead was the result! I will post pics when it is out of the kiln.

We also had a delivery of new sterling silver bead bracelets in store from our silver supplier, they have really pretty clasps double ended with a tiny coloured crystal in the centre of a flower decorating it. I won't be putting them on the website as there are only a few all in different colours and all 7.5". Do get in touch if you would like one of course I can post them. This is the pic from the supplier which is why it is not so clear.

So that is the news from me, a really good week on the bead front but now Sunday roast beckons so time to close.........See you soon and thanks for looking x

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