Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Feeling Optomistic Today!

So after last week this week has got to be better. We normally have Sunday and Monday away from the shop so today, Tuesday always seems like the beginning of the week for me.
Huge family dramas last week with my dad announcing his plans to remarry meant my focus was all over the place but now I have got my head around it and am back on track - I think.
Just trying to get my head around all the different places on line that I seem to have posted myself in the on line frenzy I had yesterday, so much to check every day!! Hey and still trying to work out how I can put Twitter on here for folk to add themselves as followers....does anyone out there in the ethers know?
Just added a few of my 5mm beads to my Etsy Shop, www.raspberryrings.etsy.com. I sell them from the shop where they fly out like hot cakes I am pleased to say, and the website which is slower sales so I thought I would try a few them across the pond to and see what the response is!
So I must go and face the madness that is the shop at this time of year and help the lovely Chloe who is working for us now Manda's daughter Sophie has gone to Uni unpack yet MORE christmas stock and put it out. Come and check it out if your local to us...Bazaar, 3 Gammon Walk, Barnstaple, North Devon!!

God it is so fustrating that there are not more hours in the day, and that I only have two hands, it seems to be my torch time that is comprimised at the moment particularly since Lam (husband!) is off on a 'secret' stage management job in Glasgow for the week, will tell all once the secret is out!! So it is me, Dudley (the cat!) and Milly (the Dog!) keeping each other company at home. The really happy family person is Milly who has just had her stitches out following her spaying and can now lose the pink 'bonnet' that has been causing sideways amused looks from all the other dogs she met bless!!

So lets see what the day has in store......Maybe I'll blog later.......................Bye for now


  1. Go to Goodies bottom of Twitter page choose Widgets - Widgets for web site and then Profile widget (change settings as you wish ) then grab code and paste into Blogger add gadgets page as you have done with facebook -Good luck xxx

  2. You might have to unprotect your Tweets :-(

  3. Etsy Widget - Go to - Your Etsy scroll to bottom click MINI ETSY customise and post