Friday, 27 November 2009

I've Been Keeping a Secret......

Hello Everybody, Where does the week go? I cannot believe it is Friday already and we have had our first late night shopping at the shop......Is it my age or is the world moving so much faster than it use too?

So the news from Raspberry Rings : Well a busy week, managed to get on the torch at the beginning of the week and produce some beads. The 5mm are still the most popular but these larger 5mm core beads are also proving a hit. They are all unique, I do not make two the same so you will get something original to wear. I have also designed a silver link, like the one you can see on the blue bead here (can you see the Tobago influence still asserting itself LOL!), The links are completely handmade out of sterling silver wire, hammered and worked into a D shaped link and wound at the top. These I have been selling on their own for customers to put on their own chains or we have silver chains availabe in the shop or I am making simple leather necklaces with silver clasps to hang them on. Phew! It is endless, oh and did I mention the bead pins? Anyway the long and short of it there are lots of beads to choose from in Bazaar. If you are local come in and have a chat, I love making pendants up and there is a wide variety of style and prices to choose from. You can come in and choose a wish list for your family to buy for you for Christmas and then you know you are getting exactly what you want!

Now those of you who know me well know I hate keeping secrets and I have been for what seems like months. I have ordered a secret ingredient for my beads to really make you stand out in the crowd but it has been delayed in California and I am practically mugging the postie when he arrives in the excitement of the possibility that he might have something in his sack for me! I just hope it is worth the wait....I have kept it secret for two and a half weeks and I am popping to tell you and to experiment and post this space for the moment my lips are just about sealed!

Elsewhere I was really chuffed to win a Competition. I am a member of a lampworking forum, called Frit Happens - It is a forum for fire people everywhere, not just lampworking there are all kinds of glass workers and some really talented beaders, jewellers and silver clay artists there too. Anyway I entered a couple of my beads in a Sparkly Challenge that was being held and I won......never one anything in my life before so I was very chuffed with that, and even more chuffed to hear I was to recieve some bead work from the very talented Lynn Davy ( so that was a lovely suprise and TA TA here are the winning babies:

Oh dear just noticed the bit of sticky behind photo 4...oooops! These have all sold except the bead in Picture 2 I have a feeling that one is still in the shop. I was popping these on in my Etsy shop but I keep paying for the listing and then sell them over here! Not grumbling but it means my shop is looking abit empty now!!

As always if you see any of my work anywhere and you would like more information or to buy or commission a bead please do get in touch.

So that is all the news for this week, a few necklaces to make and a lovely pin commission to do so I better get to it! I also need to add some 5mm beads to the website.............Infact I will do that right now........thanks for reading!

PS Thinking of giving away a sparkly bead for Christmas to one of my blog readers, what do you all think about that? LOL!

PPS oh and I nearly forgot some of the new 5mm beads:


  1. I'm all excited about the beady surprise now!

    Love the new cored beads btw.


  2. Thanx Hazel, I am really excited but I can hold another week! The supplier in Califonia is blaming the delay on good old Royal Mail so I am in debate with him at the moment. If it arrives in time I am going to do a beady giveaway for Christmas!!! Watch this space!!

  3. Really like that pink bead at the top of this post, Jennie. Has your package arrived yet? Hope so, I'm looking forward to finding out what it is!